Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the Best Day Ever

It's the Best Day Ever is one of Jack's favorite SpongeBob songs, it's also what happened yesterday at Little Buddy Biscuit Company. Not only did we have a ribbon cutting with Marty Markowitz and the debut of the Little Buddy Biscuit Company Theme Song (hopefully soon to be recorded and posted on my blog) by Dan Killian with your truly on the snare but the cash register was humming all day long. We sold out of all our specials, plus our regular offering too. The highlight of the day was out Buddy Devil Cakes, invidiual devils food cakes filled with esspresso buttercream and topped with ganache. I was hoping one would be leftover so I could eat it.

While rolling in the dough (pun intended) is great so is having customers tell you that your product is the best they've ever had and we've been hearing that a lot. From our cup cakes, chocolate chunk cookies to our ice coffee, crumbuns, and today our zucchini and provolone frittata.

We are starting to get media hits, Gothamist, Brownstoner, coming soon Daily Candy, New York Magazine, Brookyn Paper, Park Slope Courier and who knows where else (Rachel Ray perhaps?). I hope to update the Buddy Facebook site soon to include photos, I've been tweeting (in private of course) at LittleBuddyBisc and of course blogging. It does get confusing though as far as where I should be writing personal, where business or if I can do both.

My last post originally included a story about Jack and then I got cold feet thinking I was mixing personal and business too much. I'd like to retell the story though because it's a positive thing for me. One day last week I was in the middle of my usual madness and walking up 5th avenue heading to the post office. I was thinking about how much I miss spending time with Jack. Since he was born I've been with him everyday, but lately I see him just at dinner time and the few minutes before I crash into bed. With the new school year in session I know that I won't be as involved with his school as I was last year. Hopefully I can skip out if the store a few days week to take Jack to the playground or on play-dates.

Anyway right after having these thoughts I looked across the street and saw Jack with his after-school group. I called across the street to him and he got real excited and waved to me and yelled Daddy real loud. We got to hug each other and I met his counselor who also seemed pleased with the chance meeting. It made me proud to be his dad and happy to have a brief unexpected moment with my son.


  1. Nice blogging. It would be funny to add he was going to the wrong camp. And how funny would that be to get on Rachel Ray?

  2. I just visited Little Buddy for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. And I think it's great to share little bits of personal with the business stuff's nice to hear about all the love that goes into the sweets that comes from a real place-your family!

    Best wishes for much success!