Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Did Snow: SEE

It did snow and I made it home early enough to have some outdoor time with Jack and Jill. Above is a photo of our ivy in our back yard taken the next day.

Here are some photos day of the snow:

That's me pulling Jack on the sled down 16th Street. It wasn't really very nice, windy as all heck, so we decided not to venture out to the park. Still had fun.

Jack and his snowman. Notice the magic marker face. Jack was really bummed the next day when he saw how much his snowman melted.

UMMMM, Snowcake. That was taken the next day in our backyard. Maybe because I spend so much time in the bakery all I could see when I looked at the window was this giant cake on the table calling out for a candle. I guess you could say we celebrated the one day birthday of mr. snowman. Jack took his own photo of the cake too.

Snowbirds in the apple tree.

Orange monkey man in the tree and the end of the snow fun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow

Showing up each day at the bakery at 5:00 am can feel a bit lonely, certainly quiet. After spending about 30 years in bands and providing music at bars, clubs or for parties I was used to getting home at that time. Now I pass by bars with patrons leaving to make their way home. Quite a change of lifestyle.

Today I'm here and it seems extra quiet. Of course now that their are tenants in the apartment above me I wait to turn on the music until about 7:00 or I put it on real low. But the snow still gives a feeling of a blanket of peace being dropped on Brooklyn. I've spent the last hour or so deciding how much pastries I should bake to put out today. Will anyone be on the streets and in need of a cup of coffee, a muffin, scone or biscuit? It's hard to tell but I guess it will be a slower than usual Wednesday.

I'm hoping that I can get done extra early and spend time with Jill and Jack. Jill will be working from home as the City announced yesterday that they would shut the schools. Jack was pumped because he saw it as an opportunity to stay home all day and play with his DS. He has entered the world of video games and we lose him for chunks of time. We try hard to seriously limit and dole out permission to game, otherwise he'd turn into a zombie. Hopefully it won't be too windy in the afternoon so we can go out and build a snow man or go sledding or something else.

Many Happy Birthdays Part 2

Last week two friends of mine celebrated their birthdays and bought their cakes at Little Buddy. Kevin, a great photographer whom I wrote about previously, was happy to find we had a pineapple upside cake available for his party. Sean, a gifted composer, enjoyed our devil's food cake with nutella swiss meringue that his wife Catherine bought. It makes feel good to know that the cakes we make are part of the celebrations that make life special.