Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Buddy

It was Jack's birthday yesterday, the little buddy himself. The last few years we had big parties for him but with the new business at hand we couldn't do that this year. So yesterday I had Kris, a Little Buddy employee, go out and get orange balloons (his favorite color), orange flowers and candy to make the store festive. In honor of Jack we featured specials all about chocolate including our new regular Saturday special devil's food cake with espresso buttercream, chocolate flourless cake (Jack's choice), chocolate butter bundt cakes with ganache and whipped cream, plain and cherry butter cookies dipped in ganache and killer chocolate ice cream. Chocolate lovers paradise, we might want to do that on Valentines day.

I took a few hours away from the store and Jill and I took Jack to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We ran into a friend of his at the theater so it was extra special for him. We let him pick the restaurant and his choice was The Chip Shop for his favorite Mac N Cheese (after Daddy Mac). When the waitress found out Jack picked the restaurant she gave him candy and a Chip Shop tea shirt so he was ecstatic.

Today he is going to his friend Oliver's birthday party and afterwards we are going to his favorite restaurant Bar Toto. I hope to continue the festivities tomorrow by bringing him and a friend to Chucky Cheese, which he has been begging me to do for months. He also has gotten many of his favorite toys so even though he didn't get a full birthday bash I'd say it's been a pretty good birthday weekend.

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