Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Blog, About A Blog On A List Of SpongeBob Best Day Ever Blogs

I was googling Little Buddy (no jokes please) and I came across a link to a list of blogs that are about SpongeBob's "It's The Best Day Ever Song" and of course my blog with the same title came up (see a previous post down below). I think that might be my favorite link that we have gotten to date.

Of course it was only a matter of time before the little buddy himself would wind up on a blog. Jack is in no way shy in front of the customers and for the most part they think he is adorable and charming. One mixed review of my one of a kind son can be found on a blog by a local mom who came in recently with her two children and was "entertained" by Jack. The blog is called Mom Amok and talks about how her husband talked her into an early morning walk for coffee and biscuits. Luckily she liked the biscuits and was also talked into our crumbuns by the man himself and she loved them too. You should read her blog to find out her total opinion of our little Harpo himself, not sure if it was flattering or not, but she ended her story by saying she's never quite had and adventure in a biscuit store quite like that.

I do remember this encounter taking place as I recall yelling from the back and finally had to go up front to have Jack change his ways a bit. When I told Jack last night about the blog and what the mom said he asked me to make the blog disappear. It was hard to explain to him how I can't do that and that he'd have to be more careful how he interacts with kids in the store in the future. Of course that little talk won't go far.


  1. Little Buddy has been adorable when we've been there :)

  2. Oh no! I hope Jack wasn't in any way offended by my post. We loved the visit with him - in fact it was one of the most fun parts of the day. I have two wild-cards kids so I appreciate a spirited child, and as a mom, I know how unpredictable and capricious they can be. That's part of the fun. And he's right about the Crum Buns.

  3. No worries he's probably forgot about it by now. I enjoyed your post and thanks for the plug and photo of the store. Plus, I'm glad you liked the biscuits and crumbuns. Jack loves being up front at the store and can be quite a salesman when his game is on. With the amount of hours I work at the store it's nice that he likes to be there.