Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Buddy

It was Jack's birthday yesterday, the little buddy himself. The last few years we had big parties for him but with the new business at hand we couldn't do that this year. So yesterday I had Kris, a Little Buddy employee, go out and get orange balloons (his favorite color), orange flowers and candy to make the store festive. In honor of Jack we featured specials all about chocolate including our new regular Saturday special devil's food cake with espresso buttercream, chocolate flourless cake (Jack's choice), chocolate butter bundt cakes with ganache and whipped cream, plain and cherry butter cookies dipped in ganache and killer chocolate ice cream. Chocolate lovers paradise, we might want to do that on Valentines day.

I took a few hours away from the store and Jill and I took Jack to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We ran into a friend of his at the theater so it was extra special for him. We let him pick the restaurant and his choice was The Chip Shop for his favorite Mac N Cheese (after Daddy Mac). When the waitress found out Jack picked the restaurant she gave him candy and a Chip Shop tea shirt so he was ecstatic.

Today he is going to his friend Oliver's birthday party and afterwards we are going to his favorite restaurant Bar Toto. I hope to continue the festivities tomorrow by bringing him and a friend to Chucky Cheese, which he has been begging me to do for months. He also has gotten many of his favorite toys so even though he didn't get a full birthday bash I'd say it's been a pretty good birthday weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Blog, About A Blog On A List Of SpongeBob Best Day Ever Blogs

I was googling Little Buddy (no jokes please) and I came across a link to a list of blogs that are about SpongeBob's "It's The Best Day Ever Song" and of course my blog with the same title came up (see a previous post down below). I think that might be my favorite link that we have gotten to date.

Of course it was only a matter of time before the little buddy himself would wind up on a blog. Jack is in no way shy in front of the customers and for the most part they think he is adorable and charming. One mixed review of my one of a kind son can be found on a blog by a local mom who came in recently with her two children and was "entertained" by Jack. The blog is called Mom Amok and talks about how her husband talked her into an early morning walk for coffee and biscuits. Luckily she liked the biscuits and was also talked into our crumbuns by the man himself and she loved them too. You should read her blog to find out her total opinion of our little Harpo himself, not sure if it was flattering or not, but she ended her story by saying she's never quite had and adventure in a biscuit store quite like that.

I do remember this encounter taking place as I recall yelling from the back and finally had to go up front to have Jack change his ways a bit. When I told Jack last night about the blog and what the mom said he asked me to make the blog disappear. It was hard to explain to him how I can't do that and that he'd have to be more careful how he interacts with kids in the store in the future. Of course that little talk won't go far.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Candy and other press

We were in yesterday's edition of Daily Candy, a e-newsletter and web mag. It is a well respected site for those in the know, including my wife Jill. It must be well read as I got numerous phone calls, emails and twitter followers from the article. That's the good news. The not so good news is the article kind of misrepresented our product. It made it sound like we have gluten free products, which we don't yet. Plus it it gave the impression we are a nut free kitchen, which we are not. Most of the correspondence we received were from people for whom those products are important. I apologize to anyone who got the wrong impression.

We were also in two local papers this past weekend, The Park Slope Courier and The Brooklyn Paper. Add that to Brownstoner, Brooklynian, Gothamist, Creative Times, Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn, Eat It and a bunch of other well read blogs and things are moving along. I was interviewed New York Magazine and will hopefully get a good mention there. I'll keep you posted on other such news worthy tidbits.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I'm kind of getting used to the long hours at the bakery physically but mentally is another story. The intense clip Jill and I have been working at for the past year or so is starting to take its toll on my mental state, but since Jill is smarter than me it's not so noticeable on her. Or maybe I was always like this, you know finding it hard to focus, forgetting conversations minutes after they have occurred, having trouble getting my thoughts out in a clear intelligible manner. I am over 50 so maybe it's the start of dementia or my past abuses coming back to haunt me.

Anyway the thing that really makes my brain spin like gears that need oil grinding and slowly wearing out, fizzling and sparking is having lots of decisions hanging over my head. For example the store hours have been a work in progress. We didn't really know when the traffic flow would be at its peak and what my production schedule would be like so it was hard to figure if we should take a day off or when we should open or close. Plus in the first month there were so many things to do not related to actually baking so I was always behind. Anyway we have arrived at what we think will be good for our customers and good for my sanity. Remember at this point I am basically the only one who knows how to make everything we bake though that is starting to change slowly.

We opened this past Sunday for the first time and it was a pretty good day. But now I have no days off and no day to run errands personal or business, go to suppliers, get ahead on production or other life needs. Meanwhile Monday's have been slower than molasses so it makes sense to close on Monday's. I will still be working in the kitchen restocking from the weekend and getting ready for the week coming and I can now got to Jetro for ingredients and supplies (and save money rather than paying the higher prices for vendors that deliver), or restaurant suppliers. Plus I can end my day early and pick Jack up from school and make Monday's playground day or play-date day or just hang with him.

We are also going to stay open later the other week days to accommodate those that get home a bit later. Hopefully these changes will work out for the time being. We will probably add some time for the holiday season but for now hear it is:

Tuesday-Friday: 7AM-7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday: 9:30-5:00PM

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the Best Day Ever

It's the Best Day Ever is one of Jack's favorite SpongeBob songs, it's also what happened yesterday at Little Buddy Biscuit Company. Not only did we have a ribbon cutting with Marty Markowitz and the debut of the Little Buddy Biscuit Company Theme Song (hopefully soon to be recorded and posted on my blog) by Dan Killian with your truly on the snare but the cash register was humming all day long. We sold out of all our specials, plus our regular offering too. The highlight of the day was out Buddy Devil Cakes, invidiual devils food cakes filled with esspresso buttercream and topped with ganache. I was hoping one would be leftover so I could eat it.

While rolling in the dough (pun intended) is great so is having customers tell you that your product is the best they've ever had and we've been hearing that a lot. From our cup cakes, chocolate chunk cookies to our ice coffee, crumbuns, and today our zucchini and provolone frittata.

We are starting to get media hits, Gothamist, Brownstoner, coming soon Daily Candy, New York Magazine, Brookyn Paper, Park Slope Courier and who knows where else (Rachel Ray perhaps?). I hope to update the Buddy Facebook site soon to include photos, I've been tweeting (in private of course) at LittleBuddyBisc and of course blogging. It does get confusing though as far as where I should be writing personal, where business or if I can do both.

My last post originally included a story about Jack and then I got cold feet thinking I was mixing personal and business too much. I'd like to retell the story though because it's a positive thing for me. One day last week I was in the middle of my usual madness and walking up 5th avenue heading to the post office. I was thinking about how much I miss spending time with Jack. Since he was born I've been with him everyday, but lately I see him just at dinner time and the few minutes before I crash into bed. With the new school year in session I know that I won't be as involved with his school as I was last year. Hopefully I can skip out if the store a few days week to take Jack to the playground or on play-dates.

Anyway right after having these thoughts I looked across the street and saw Jack with his after-school group. I called across the street to him and he got real excited and waved to me and yelled Daddy real loud. We got to hug each other and I met his counselor who also seemed pleased with the chance meeting. It made me proud to be his dad and happy to have a brief unexpected moment with my son.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'll Tweet You Later

We are finally getting our media/marketing materials together. The Little Buddy web site ( has been updated and will be updated more in the coming month, we have a facebook page ( Little-Buddy-Biscuit-Company) and I am on twitter (littlebuddybisc) and we have a new email address ( I plan on tweeting about our specials of the day or cool things that are happening at the bakery. I just hope I can find the time to take advantage of the technology that allows you to market yourself in an instant. I have to remember to have a camera ready to document some of the specials we are doing. Thanks to Tony Limuaco of Yarn Monkey for helping me get this all together and I look forward to implementing some new ideas.

My publicist Josie Diels has been working hard to get the word out about Little Buddy so stayed tuned for links to some cool press we are expecting. We are doing a grand opening at the store (yes we are already open after a soft opening now it's official) on Saturday, Septmember 12th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Borough President Marty Markowitz and Carl Hum President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce will be there to cut a ribbon and speak. Singer/Songwriter, Rocker Supreme Mr. Funky Dan Killian (, will debut his hit single the Little Buddy Theme Song. We will be giving out Mr. Bisky buttons and stickers and sampling some treats and we will have specials available all day.