Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Chef Grows Hair In Brooklyn

About 14 years ago I went to the wedding of Erica (aka Wild Girl) and Rich in Iowa. At the time my hair was the longest it ever was and I had a full beard as well. One of their friends had a completely shaved head and I wondered how I would look with a shaved head. I had had buzz cuts in the past but never went that far. I also swore if I lost my hair I wouldn't be one of those guys with a do-wrap or bad hair piece.

When we got back I cut my own hair and then shaved my head and face. I liked the way it looked and being a drummer in a couple of bands it gave me a look or style (especially as a conga player for Voodoo Martini a pop rock latin lounge band). Needless to say I have shaved my head ever day or so since. There are lots of people who have never seen me with hair, including my son.

Well I am about 2 weeks into growing it back, again out of curiosity to see how much hair do I have left. Maybe my son will now stop calling me egghead. If you are curious it yourself come into Little Buddy and request the removal of my chef's hat, with a purchase of course.

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