Saturday, November 7, 2009


What is the GONG OF APPROVAL might you ask? Well it's quite favorite Chinese cymbal from my drumming days is in the back of the store with a soft mallet next to it. Whenever something cool or special happens in the store we turn off the music and strike the gong in approval. Customers seem to like being the impetus for the rich and complex overtones of one of my favorite percussion instruments. I admit to being very fond of the whole production as I like both ceremony and bringing a small part of my musical past into the store.

What are some of the reasons the GONG OF APPROVAL was in action? Here is a short list:
  1. First sale of a new product or one of our specials.
  2. Ordering an ice cream cone at 10:00 am on a Saturday morning.
  3. Telling the counter salesperson that you do not share one of your cheddar biscuits with your new bride, doing so was not listed in the vows you shared.
  4. Recognition of the Chinese cymbal and admitting you are a drummer too.
  5. Coming back for a second order of Daddy Mac (mac n cheese) in the same day.
  6. Telling us we are the best bakery in NYC!!!
The gong of approval is not to be taken lightly or under appreciated and is not done willy nilly. We hope you come to Little Buddy Biscuit Company real soon and give us a reason to give it to you.

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