Friday, November 13, 2009

MIxed Tapes are BACK BABY!!!

In keeping with the music theme at the bakery I thought I'd let my readers know that a few weeks back I brought in my Nakamichi cassette deck. I bought that tape deck right before I bought into buying cd's and way before the birth of mp3's. It was a very expensive piece of equipment at the time (purchased at Harvey's) and mixed tapes was were it was at.

I had made countless number of compilations, including a series called Crazy Covers, The Good Bad and the Cheesy. As an owner of a 99 Dodge Caravan I actually have a tape deck in the car. I guess the original owner hadn't made the medium move to cd's as yet or was a cheapskate.

When I took my first day off on Columbus Day weekend Jill, Jack and I went upstate to go pumpkin picking and other fall related upstate activities. I grabbed a bunch of my tapes and we spent the almost 2 days driving around listening to music that I have mostly on vinyl, which was converted to C-90 Maxwell's. It was fun to listen to music I don't get to hear much since not only are most of those tunes not on my i-pod but many of them aren't on cd's either.

So if you come into Little Buddy Biscuit Company you might be listenting to a mixed tape, circa 1991 or so. Now how many bakeries in Brooklyn can proudly state that?

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