Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Little Buddy, I'm Little Buddy

I think Jack is going to take to being the son of a bakery owner real well. The last few days of getting the store ready people would pop in to ask us when we were going to open. Jack would proudly yell out "I'm Little Buddy, I'm Little Buddy". For those people walking buy looking in the window he'd do a little dance on the bench in the front window and yell through the glass the same. It made me laugh and made me real happy to hear him say that with so much gusto.

Of course it hasn't been all great for him. Jill and I have been working around the clock the past few months, which sometimes has left him to have to find things to do on his own. We haven't had a day off since the summer started which means no family vacation either. I think he has handled it pretty well and I can't wait for things to settle down enough for us to grab some more time together.

We all have sacrificed to take the business to a new level. Jack was a year and half old when I started the business so he's been there every step of the way. Even back then there were days when I had to work and take care of him at the same time and it wasn't always pretty. We'd both lose our cool in our own way at times. It is a tough decision when both parents either decide to work or have no choice. I didn't anticipate how much work this would take from the very beginning, thinking it would be easier than it was being a stay at home dad and building a business.

But Jack is learning a powerful life lesson, that if you pursue a passion in life and put your all into it in the end you will succeed. I don't just mean financially, I certainly hope we make lots of money at the store. I mean that just the act of working hard and putting your time and energy into what you like to do is success in it's own right. He has witnessed Jill and I take a concept and find ways to make it special and work together to accomplish our goal. I think it's working as he already has decided he has his own jobs in the store like putting the Izze sparkling fruit juice in the show case and spraying Windex on the front windows or enthusiastically greeting customers as they come in. Maybe some day he'll manage his own Little Buddy Biscuit Company store.

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