Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Tale of Two Weekends

Got up on Saturday expecting great things. It was just about a week or two to go before the opening and we had a yard of things to get finished. It seemed like we were on our way when our friend Bo offered to have Jack come over to play with his son Paolo. He would let them play on the computer, go to the playground for outside fun, have lunch (mac and cheese) and maybe watch a movie. Sounds like a great plan and that would allow Jill and I to go buy shelf brackets that we needed and maybe go to J & R for a printer.

Well our luck must have stayed home as we started at Home Depot, wound up going to two other places in Brooklyn before heading to mid-town Manhattan to go to Vercisi Hardware, a store I worked at during and after college. We liked a bracket at our second spot but they didn't have enough and the third we thought we could do better. Vercesi had a smaller selection than I remembered or they were out. We then went to Simon's on 3rd and 30, nice stuff, really nice stuff but expensive and you have to special order. We wound up 4 hours later at Ikea and setttled for brakets that were okay.

Next day I went to Home Depot with Paul, my friend who is building the cabinets and found brackets I really liked. Did Jill and I miss them or did someone put them out that night? Short story long is that it seemed like such a waste of a day, with time ticking and I didn't appreciate that.

Weird thing is the next day was the complete opposite. I couldn't sleep but didn't feel tired so at 4:00 I took a shower, drank coffee and cleaned the first 2 flours of our house. I then went to the Coop to do our grocery shopping. After putting the groceries away I made a pot of Marinara for that night, ordered a piece of equipment on line (infrared burner) answered emails and went to J & R. We bought a printer for the store, a vacuum cleaner and a new portable dvd player for Jack when he is in the store. All of this by noon that day. Wow.

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