Thursday, July 16, 2009

5 Year Old Foodie, Well Maybe

I've spent almost all of my waking time the last 6 or so years with my focus on food. I've learned a lot. I'm opening a bakery. With that said I'd really like to be able to say I'm the dad of a 5 year old foodie. Sometimes when I hear Jack talk in a really expressive, excited and knowledgeable way about how great the Grilled Cheese Panini and Fries at Bar Toto is (who wouldn't), I think my son is on his way. Or how he savors a good dark chocolate, like the Jacques Torres Easter Bunny we bought him. Jill and I had to fight him for some as he gobbled down the ears. Or the way he savors one of my desserts or daddy mac.

At the same time he can talk obsessively about Sour Punch, Mike and Ike, Airheads, Coco Puffs, Bubbilcious gum, Capri Sun (they have one of his favorite websites with much cooler games than the health food product websites, must be the budget), and Kraft Mac an Cheese Spirals. After his performance with the Jumpin Tomatoes at BAX he felt like the deserved a special snack. His choice...Doritos. The first place we went into didn't have nacho flavor. The next one had a bag big enough for family of 4 or one really big nacho eating pig. He cried when I didn't let him have that one, forgetting that we agreed on a single serving size bag. We comprised on the bag that I think is 4 ounces. He got his in a bowl, I took a few for good measure and it was put away for another day. No rush though as it has enough chemicals in it to last at least until the next lunar eclipse.

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