Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Commercials on TV and Your Child

Last year when Jack first went to kindergarten he graduated to commercial TV. Somehow he decided he no longer could watch Noggin and Nick was his new viewing choice, which means seeing commercials on regular basis. After a long love affair with Fairly Odd Parents (wacky cartoon), he wound up gravitating towards shows that were really meant for pre-teens like Drake and Josh and iCarly.

Lately I've threatened to take away his TV privilege if he didn't stop asking me to buy everything he saw advertised. I was getting weary of explaining why we don't buy breakfast cereals with marshmallows in them or every junk toy that would wind up in his pile of not-played with toys.

But yesterday he said something that made me laugh really hard and proved that even he had a limit on what he coveted from viewing TV. We were watching iCarly together, okay so I sort of got hooked on it too, and there was a commercial for PedEgg. It's an egg shaped device, for ergonomic design, that is a file for your foot callouses. It even captures the filed skin for easy disposal, which is sort of gross to see on TV. I'm not sure why it was being advertised on a show like iCarly, unless I'm not the only old person watching with their child.

So Jack is watching this commercial and he looks at me and he says "What is that? We don't really need that do we?" It made me laugh because it might have been the first commercial for a product that he knew enough to reject. I was wondering how many times he viewed that commercial before coming to that conclusion.

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  1. That's a product advertised on tv that I would buy for him. Because I could use it.