Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Parenting

Being a parent isn't as glamorous as it seems. Alright it's not glamorous at all. But there are moments stuck in between the trials and tribulations that make you really happy to be alive. It's also difficult to talk about parenting without sounding like you're either whining/complaining or talking about a new found religion.

The good in this story happened last month. The bad and ugly just come with the territory. pretty much on a daily basis. I couldn't imagine life without my son, he's a constant source of humor, energy, fun, challenge, debate, and just plain life. Just the same it's hard work without a vacation plan. Let's leave the good for last.

The Bad: Having to constantly say no. No to more snacks, no to more treats, no to more TV, no to more Fairly Odd Parents, no to buying Reese's Puffs (we all enjoy a Reese's Peanut Butter cup from time to time but in a breakfast cereal?), no to staying up later, no to staying in the playground longer when it's freezing cold. Or the constant nagging. Finish your breakfast, pick up your toys, get ready for school, say please, say thank you, get your finger out of your nose. You get the point right?

The Ugly:
Let's just say I'm from Italian heritage. We do loud really loud. Sometimes when my buttons have been pushed more times than a stimulus package things come out of my mouth that make even me cringe. I guess the how to raise a child books will say that you should never discipline a child out of anger. I think my parents probably skipped reading that one and it would take years of therapy to erase it from my DNA. The trick is not to think about your explosion for days on end. I hope to learn that one before Jack goes to college.

The Good: After our only significant snow of the winter I asked Jack if he wanted to go sledding. He had never really been on a sled since there's been very little snow since we bought it a few years ago. It took a lot of convincing to get him to want to go to Prospect Park in search of good sledding hills. It took forever to get him to cooperate and get dressed for the cold and snow. Then he basically complained the whole way there. On top of it I had to remove the snow and ice from the car with a credit card (didn't have the proper device in the car and I knew if I went back home to get a more appropriate tool we’d never go back out). Well it was worth all the trouble since we had the most fun a parent can have with their child, especially without shelling out big Yankee dollars. Laughing, screaming and careening out of control on the snowy hills was an activity I wish could take place every day. I think we will both remember sharing that experience for a long time.

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