Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 Weeks Back in Rock and Roll

Okay so I never really completely left music. But after 30 plus years of regular participation in music in various roles I’ve been relatively inactive. When I went to culinary school in 2002 I left Full Throttle Aristotle and haven’t been playing the drums much since. Immersing myself in the art of culinary and being a dad has kept me pretty occupied.

A few weeks back John Rae, a long time friend of mine, was over for dinner and mentioned that Veneration Spread, a band he was in as vocalist/spoken word artist, had a gig and were sans a drummer. I decided it would be fun to play music live again so I accepted his invitation to join them. We’ve rehearsed twice for the gig and will do one more today. I’m listening to a tape of the last rehearsal trying to study my parts while writing this blog.

When I finally open my own bakery (stay tuned on that front, there's a storm brewing) I might not have much free time for the first year or two to be in a band but for the time being I might as well sling the sticks and bang a beat or two.

Epilogue: Got a call later that day from Mark (guitarist) telling me that John had the flu but the band wanted to do the show anyway. I was feeling a bit crappy but after a long nap I got a second wind and made the show. We didn’t do half bad considering the lack of practice as a band, me being a bit rusty and John not being able to do the show. Well at least the audience of about a dozen or so people at Goodbye Blue Monday’s in Bushwick seemed to dig us. Perhaps another gig is on the horizon.

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