Friday, September 23, 2011

The Growth of LBBC Hits a HUGE Pothole.

If you've read past blogs you have been witness to the growth of Little Buddy Biscuit Company from a small company that sold wholesale to local cafes in Brooklyn to opening a bakery in South Slope in August of 2009, to then having to close the bakery at the end of 2010. Despite a loyal following and good press we were beaten down by a tough economy. Then in the Spring of 2011 we gave the concept of combining our business with a local cafe a try. Unfortunately combining the two businesses didn't quite work out.

So now what is the next move for Chef Pete and Little Buddy? To be honest I have worked too hard on developing my repertoire as a chef and a baker to give up just yet. I am determined to continue my career in the food business as an entrepreneur and more specifically as the owner of LBBC. I know I won't be able to do so as a solo owner so I have to have faith I will find the right business partner or partners who want to take the concept to the next level.

In the meantime I am continuing to hone my craft as a chef and a baker. I will develop new recipes and tweak ones that I liked from the past. Maybe I'll even take a few classes to improve skills and learn from other bakers. I am also visiting other cafes and bakeries to see what other successful business owners do well. The one thing about cooking is the learning is endless and it's kind of nice to have the time to focus on getting better at what I do.

I also am enjoying the extra time I have with my son Jack and my wife Jill. Jack is now in 3rd grade and helping him with his homework everyday is an important activity that I hope we both can succeed at. There are museums I haven't had the time to visit in a while and plenty of books and movies to catch up on. I'm also playing the drums again so while I want to see the business back in action I am enjoying the downtime too.

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