Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Poem For My Son, Jack

I wrote this poem for a poetry slam at Jack's first grade class. He was really into the slam and it meant a lot for him to have me there reading a poem. I wouldn't say poetry comes easy to me but I wanted to write a poem that Jack would understand and would also tell a story of how important he is in my life.

A Poem for My Son, Jack

I want to teach you
Because I have so much to learn
I want to watch you be silly
Because it’s laughter that I yearn

Build me a mansion out legos
And a fortress out of zoobs
A dream out of play-doh
And a future long with you.

Strum a few chords on my guitar
So I can write a song about life
I’m going to strive for success
So you can reach for it too

I want to be a good man
And make you proud
I want to be a better man
So I can show you how

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