Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Did Snow: SEE

It did snow and I made it home early enough to have some outdoor time with Jack and Jill. Above is a photo of our ivy in our back yard taken the next day.

Here are some photos day of the snow:

That's me pulling Jack on the sled down 16th Street. It wasn't really very nice, windy as all heck, so we decided not to venture out to the park. Still had fun.

Jack and his snowman. Notice the magic marker face. Jack was really bummed the next day when he saw how much his snowman melted.

UMMMM, Snowcake. That was taken the next day in our backyard. Maybe because I spend so much time in the bakery all I could see when I looked at the window was this giant cake on the table calling out for a candle. I guess you could say we celebrated the one day birthday of mr. snowman. Jack took his own photo of the cake too.

Snowbirds in the apple tree.

Orange monkey man in the tree and the end of the snow fun.

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