Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Many Happy Birthdays At Little Buddy

Before we opened the store we went shopping at various antique and used furniture stores looking for, trays, platters, coffee tables and a few other items of display. I found a small coffee table for real cheap that I liked, which happened to have a photo taped to it. I was so busy at the time I didn't get a good look at the photo but I knew that I wanted to keep it.

When we opened the store in August in my haste I took the photo and put it on our community wall, again without looking closely at the photo (it was very hectic at the time). A customer was admiring the photo and noticed that the table that the cake was situated on was the actual table in the store. It's incredible but it must be the original owner having a birthday cake for her daughter's first birthday. What an omen for a bakery to display such a sentiment. I only hope we have years of customers buying birthday cakes for their children, spouses, friends etc and maybe one day someone in an antique store will find a photo of a birthday celebration with one of our cakes being enjoyed.

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