Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Goorin Brothers Hat By Many Names

Jill and Jack bought me a gift certificate for my birthday to the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, recently opened in Park Slope and the mini-hat that Spencer is wearing came with the gift certificate in a small box . The Goorin Brothers have been making hats since 1895, originally in Pittsburg Pa selling from a cart, then they moved to San Fransisco in 1949.

I have always had an infinity for hats since I was a kid. When I was little I used to have a few hats that matched my favorite tv shows and would wear them while watching. My dad always wore hats as others from his generation did. If you see film clips of baseball games from the 40's and 50's everyone was dressed up (seems odd by today's standards)and wore hats. I believe it was President Kennedy, probably the first President to not wear a hat,that changed the fashion of wearing hats baseball hats not included. Funny because his wife Jackie had the opposite affect on women, remember the pillbox?

Fast forward to later in my life and I reconnected to the love of a good hat. For awhile I was wearing a pork pie hat, a la Lester Young, that I bought from an old hat store on Delancy (sorry forget the name). I basically wore it out and recently sent it to old hat heaven. But now with the thoughtful gift from my family I get to choose any hat I want.

I have yet to go to Goorin Brothers store to view the hats but I have been on the website. The hats look great and some of the names are really cool. So if you were choosing by name alone which one would you go for? Here are some of my favorites: Vinny The Brains, Wiley Cutter, Tommy Goldfingers, Whiskey Pete, Butterfingers, Left DeCarlo, Old Gulph, and Mortimer.

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